Flex-EL system is extremely simple idea of keeping Bus/Coach and Minibus steps and floors free of moisture, snow and ice. Flex-EL can also solve any cold spots or draughty areas in the vehicles.

Flex-EL heating:
- Low voltage 12 V, 24 V or 48 V DC
- Thickness 0,2 mm
- Heating efficiency 80 - 600 W / m2. Ask for other power needs.
- Optional transformers, regulators and controls available
- Full design service for any application

The main benefits of Flex-EL system are:
- Space-saving (only 0.2mm thin)
- Unobtrusive (hidden under floor or wall linings)
- Lightweight (only 250 g/sq mtr)
- Silent in operation (no noise pollution)
- Safe in use (12/24/48 volts)
- Maintenance and service free

Flex-EL is supplied in ready to use elements to suit the size required and they can be positioned basically anywhere where extra heating or drying is needed in the vehicle.

Main areas of use are in: door exit/entrance, vehicle steps, under ramps, drivers cabfloor, wall or ceiling linings, main floor and gangway, wheelchair position and driver sleeping compartment.

Flex-EL can easily be customized for various places and purposes. Element size and shape, as well as heating power are objects to be changed to meet the customer needs.

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